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Training / Workshop


Kahu is a very exceptional wise teacher and spiritual leader and touches the heart of people in a very special way.

The special thing about the training, courses and workshops with Kahu is that you learn in the old, traditional, universal, Hawaiian way. It will open you doors so you can realize who and what you really are.

He gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in genuine authentic ancient knowledge that has been passed down verbally for centuries from generation to generation and has remained thus preserved in its essence. This knowledge does not come from books but from the original universal source.

Kahu Naone creates the possibility that you're back to your deep connection with Mother Earth, the plants, the animals and to remember all that is. It makes you realize your true inner truth. The gift you receive from him is a deep understanding of your own abilities to understand yourself in your true essence.

Trainings and workshops in Europe - Hawaii - International please Request Info.

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