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Project Kumu A'o

The aim of Kumu A'o is to protect and preserve traditional Hawaiian and indigenous healing work, culture and language through education and participation.

Since the establishment of this non-profit organization more than 4,500 native Hawaiians have studied under Kahu Lyons Naone and the program of Kumu A`o and practiced a kind of Hawaiian healing. More than 10,000 non-Hawaiians have participated at seminars, workshops and programs of the Kumu A`o project. These courses were offered not only on the Hawaiian Islands and in the South Pacific, but also in Central America and Europe.

Kumu A`o programs in Europe are conducted by the Hawaiian Spiritual Healing Acamdey with its head office in Linz / Austria. The Academy has over 700 subscribers and more than 100 men and women in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France are taught in active programs the indigenous knowledge.

If you want to support this non-profit organization with your donation, to make sure old indigenous knowledge lives on, please visit for more information www.kumuao.org

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